About Us

“At the beginning there was the passion for rock, then the need to play it with a perfect instrument.”

So the idea of ​​building my first electric guitar was born, but in this I have never been alone and as in a novel I present the main actor of this story that is the Ceccarini Carpentry, the family company in which I work that has a history in the woodworking industry that began in 1900.

A passion and experience in the knowledge of wood and the best processing techniques that has lasted 118 years and that has led us to always invest in the best technologies.

The use of cad 3d modeling and 5-axis machining does not detract from the craftsmanship of my guitars.

The skilful choice of wood makes each piece unique, with the utmost care I take care of the first processing up to the final assembly.

Everything is supervised by me and manually edited.

What I produce comes from my idea of ​​design and the sound I want to reproduce, but I am also open to new ideas and thanks to the technology of our carpentry, I can reproduce any existing model or designed by you customizing your needs to the maximum.